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Heart health is critical, and sometimes tricky

By: Tom Camacho I have been healthy for most of my life as an avid equestrian, a ballet and jazz dancer, an actor and jet engine mechanic in the Air Force. I have exercised in some means almost every day and as a runner have 20 marathons and several ultramarathons along with one straight year […]

Working with, not ‘dealing with’ youth: coaching tips from NB3FIT Coordinator

  By: Demitritus Payne, NB3FIT Program Coordinator   “How to deal with youth with problematic behavior.” I’ve always had a strong dislike of this statement. Why? Because this statement vilifies our youth and it makes it look like their disruptive behaviors were done on purpose, for the fun of it, when in reality their actions […]

Donations and exclusive Navajo artist-inspired water bottle provide solutions and future funds to combat one of the Nation’s largest chronic water crises

Press Release from Nalgene Outdoor Nalgene Outdoor, maker of reusable water bottles and the steward of The Nalgene Water Fund, pledges its support to Navajo Nation (Diné) with the launch of its exclusive “Tó éí iiná” (Water is Life) bottle, from which five dollars from every sale will benefit Navajo Nation. Additionally, Nalgene recently donated […]

Wellness is Indigenous, Integrated, Inspired

By: Trisha Moquino | Executive Director Keres Children’s Learning Center Wellness is running with all your peers when you are young (and old) so you will be strong and continue to grow physically and spiritually Wellness is dancing your heart out in a communal setting knowing that you are all there supporting one another in […]

Establishing Better Eating and Wellness Habits in the Early Years

By: Trisha Moquino | Executive Director Keres Children’s Learning Center I have a clear memory of my grandfather telling me as a child when he saw me eating Doritos, “That is not food.” As I got older, I started thinking about why he said that. Today as a mother and a teacher at Keres Children’s […]

Indigenizing Wholesome Choices

By: Trisha Moquino| Executive Director Keres Children’s Learning Center Historically, eating and wellness in our Indigenous communities were practiced in an integrated way. Today, we know many of those practices have changed which has led to an all time high of childhood obesity in our tribal/indigenous communities. We know that Indigenous families want the best […]