Press Release from Nalgene Outdoor

Nalgene Outdoor, maker of reusable water bottles and the steward of The Nalgene Water Fund, pledges its support to Navajo Nation (Diné) with the launch of its exclusive “Tó éí iiná” (Water is Life) bottle, from which five dollars from every sale will benefit Navajo Nation. Additionally, Nalgene recently donated nearly $30,000 in funds and critical supplies to combat the water crisis facing America’s largest Indigenous tribe. 

Available for purchase at for $15.00, the new bottle was designed in partnership with Jaden Redhair, age 20, an accomplished designer, member of the Jemez Clan, and life-long Navajo Nation resident.  His unique design features a striking landscape of Monument Valley framed within the map of the Navajo homeland. Displayed prominently on the bottle is the Navajo phrase “Tó éí iiná” (Water is Life) to raise awareness of the Navajo’s core belief that water is essential to all living things. 

“The design symbolizes the sacred role water plays in the Diné people’s lives,” says Redhair. “I hope it draws attention to my people’s plight. Right now, one in three Navajo Nation households struggle daily because they do not have access to running water.”

The exclusive bottle is a way to involve Nalgene fans in a mission to support the Navajo Nation, expanding the Nalgene Water Fund’s greater commitment:

  • Five dollars from the sale of every Tó éí iiná (Water is Life) bottle will go directly to future water efforts to provide additional resources to Navajo Nation residents.
  • With Nalgene’s initial donation of $15,000, The Community Outreach & Patient Empowerment (COPE) Program, a Native-led community-based organization, will install six water filling stations across Navajo Nation, a notoriously rural area.
  • COPE will also distribute 90 much needed Nalgene Carboys, 13 gallons reusable leak-proof containers to Navajo residents to transport water from the refill stations. (Valued at $14,000)

Every Nalgene bottle is BPA- and BPS-free, durable, leak-proof, dishwasher safe and made in America with its tried and true, one bottle and one cap simple design that has become iconic to Nalgene. 


For more information on The Nalgene Water Fund or to read more about Jaden Redhair and his design for the new Navajo inspired Nalgene bottle, visit



About the Artist: Jaden Redhair

Jaden Redhair is from the Jemez Clan and born for the Charcoal Streaked of the Red Running into the Water Clan. His maternal grandfather’s clan is Water’s Edge and his paternal grandfather’s clan is Bitter Water. In Navajo, “Tó éí iiná” translates to “Water is Life.” Water is the essence and the focal point of the Diné people, but many of the homes on the Navajo Nation do not have access to running water or electricity. With the Nalgene Water Fund, Jaden created a bottle design to help raise funds for accessible water throughout the Navajo Nation, a nation of well over 300,000 people. 


Jaden helps progress the Navajo Nation forward through his education and design work. He is currently an undergraduate studying electrical engineering at Stanford University (’22), but for all his life, he has known Window Rock, Arizona on the Navajo Nation as his home. Eldest of seven children, Jaden seeks to be a role model to his younger siblings, teaching them to be proud of their community and give back in any way they can. His work not only raises awareness about and funds for Navajo issues, but also enables Navajo people to make a change for the better, one person and one community at a time.

About NALGENE Outdoor

NALGENE® Outdoor Products is based in Rochester, New York. Founded in 1949 as a manufacturer of the first plastic pipette holder, the company soon expanded its product line to include state-of-the-art polyethylene labware under the NALGENE brand. By the mid-1970s, outdoor enthusiasts had discovered the taste and odor-resistant, leak-proof and rugged properties of NALGENEs large selection of plastic containers. In response to this emerging demand, NALGENE Outdoor Products was formed and today the consumer-oriented business offers its customers a wide choice of safe, environmentally friendly, BPA- and BPS- free products that meet their lifestyle needs. For more information, contact NALGENE Consumer Products or visit


The Nalgene Water Fund

The Nalgene Water Fund (NWF) was created in August 2019 to raise funds and awareness for [domestic] U.S. communities struggling with access to clean water by supporting grass-roots nonprofits serving those communities. By fall 2020 the NWF had identified programs in both Flint, MI and Navajo Nation to benefit from donations. In Flint, MI the NWF is helping to support The Flint Community Lab, a community-run lab that is for and by the local community, instilling trust as the City rebuilds from its water crisis. For more information visit