You are invited to visit us and taste some refreshing fruit infused water from the Water First! Water Trailer at the 2022 Gathering of Nations. The NB3 Foundation crew will be out and about giving samples of healthy and tasty fruit infused waters, as well as providing information to youth and families about the benefits of choosing water over sugar-sweetened beverages.  

The water trailer was created as a tool for the NB3 Foundation staff to take our Water First! Campaign on the road and into communities. If NB3 Foundation is asking you to drop sugary drinks, then of course we had to give a tasty alternative. Previous flavors have included pineapple-jalapeño, mint-orange, strawberry-basil, cranberry-orange, watermelon-mint and many more!  Tell us what combinations you want to try! 

We haven’t been to Gathering since 2019! So if you see us on the road, give us a honk and wave! We hope to see you soon at GON.  

Friday and Saturday April 29-30, 2022 at EXPO New Mexico. The trailer will be located between the Manuel Lujan building and the Arts building. You can’t miss us!