By Jessica Tsosie

Helmets, check. Bike, check. Water, check. The NB3 Foundation Wellness hit the road for a bike ride along the Bosque River Trail. Biking along the trail for about 15 miles was the best view all week. Heading back to the parking lot was a quiet and fast bike ride, we were all hungry. Sawmill Market had plenty of food options and it was quite exciting. We relaxed and enjoyed each other’s company as we devoured the delicious food. The importance of our health is principle to our work environment, so that we can continue to perform at our best. Staff outings are meant for staff to gather again, exercise our mind, our body and relieve some stress. Next staff outing will be a treat!

As the saying goes “practice what you preach.” NB3FIT crew aren’t the only staff members with delicious and tasty treats. July’s staff outing was in the comfort of our own office. Honoring our mission and 1 of 4 core areas, we had a nutritional lunch. We do keep in mind, food allergens and food lifestyles. What we feed our body impacts the function of our brain and our brain uses 20%-30% of our energy. Again, this gave us the opportunity to ketchup but thyme surely escaped us as the COO asked us “water you doing, get back to work?”

Wellness activities have been a great addition to work life and offer something for staff to look forward to each month. What has been realized through it all is that something as small as a team walk or meal is highly valued by all staff. Here are a few quick ideas you can try with your team:

Bike ride
Healthy Potluck
Mileage challenge
Healthy Bingo
Team walk/hike
Journaling time
Craft time