As part of the continued effort of our team to stay active and build comradery, members of the NB3 Foundation team committed to a Ragnar Trail run for 2020. Due to the pandemic the event was postponed and finally took place in May of 2022. The NB3 Foundation encourages and supports our team members who wanted to participate in this trail relay run in Utah. Our team members have been training and planning for the trip for two years, so we were sent into a panic when we lost three of our runners to injury. We now had less than three weeks to find replacements, or the rest of the team would have to run extra loops. When we say “NB3 Family” we really do mean that once you are a part of the family, you will always be part of it in some way. We reached out to a former employee, a former community partner and family member who enthusiastically answered our call. We had a whole team again and we were excited and nervous to travel to Utah for this event. The team traveled to Utah on Thursday to set up camp and check in at the event. After the tents and hammocks were set up, we ate dinner and rested up for an 8:30 a.m. start time.  

Our first runner started on the green loop (4.4 miles and 509-ft  elevation gain) , our second runner took on the yellow loop (4.4 miles 1042-ft elevation)  and our third runner conquered the dreaded red loop (7.8 miles 1321-ft elevation gain). We continued this rotation until all eight runners had completed each loop. Don’t be fooled by the green loop! Runners had a “small” steady climb, but the course was pretty technical and a little scary for those of us who are afraid of heights. There was a point where we were running on a ledge where one misstep could take you tumbling down the mountain. The yellow loop could have been labeled the red loop due to the two-mile intense 1042-foot elevation climb. It was pretty much straight up but the rest of the run down was fast and a little fun trying to maneuver through the tight ravines. The red loop was almost eight miles with a roller-coaster like feel of climbing and then a quick downhill, over and over. The views were amazing and worth the blood, sweat and possibly tears. Blood, because over half the team took a tumble on at least one of the loops, sweat – it was so over 80 degrees and clear skies. Tears… not sure if anyone cried but it’s a possibility.  We finished the run in 30:43:18 

Thank you to our team:  

Jeannie Yazzie, Dine, former NB3 Foundation Administrative Assistant 

Sacha Smith, Southern Ute/Dine, Communications Specialist 

Simona Casiquito, Jemez Pueblo, NB3FIT Assistant 

Simone Duran, San Felipe Pueblo, Program Coordinator 

Cyanne Lujan, Sandia Pueblo, Director of Advancement 

Jon Driskell, COO 

Elijah Star, Santo Domingo Pueblo, NB3 Family 

Mike Garcia, Tamaya, Community Partner