The Evaluation and Research Department were onsite to kick off the NB3FIT youth programs to gather data from participants.The two methods implemented include, the Rez Dog likert scale and Knowledge Kits (surveys). Both methods included questions which were developed using the NB3 Foundation’s four core areas of physical activity, healthy nutrition, youth development and cultural connections, and also using the outcome statements developed by all staff at the foundation. Findings from these methods provide general patterns that can be strong indicators of changes taking place in the youth that we serve.  We will revisit these evaluation techniques at the end of the NB3FIT spring programming for a post evaluation to determine where the youth are at and how the summer camp has impacted them.

New in 2022, were digital knowledge kits with updated engaging graphics. Before, the knowledge kits consisted of a variety of black and white images for youth to choose from. Our hope is the updated colorful graphics will be more intriguing and more easy for youth to identify with. The great news is the icons are now available for download for use in your community and youth programs! You’ll see corn grinding, cattle work and feast day dances, powwow dancing and bread making depicted in the icons. We continue to use these to remind youth physical activity can be outside of just playing sports or working out in P.E.

You’ll also see Rez Dog Emoji’s that we use in our knowledge kits and when conducting our Rez Dog confidence evaluation game. The Rez Dog Likert Scale was originally called the Self-Confidence Snails and the activity encourages participants to score changes in their self-confidence before and after the program. Learn more about how we utilize the Rez Dog Likert Scale in this article.

Visit our Resource Page to view and download icons.