“A woman who is an inspiration to me is Debra Haaland because she is making strides for Indian Country. We need more positive Indigenous representation in this world and I believe Deb to be the person to elevate our voices. She will soon hold one of the highest positions in the U.S. government and I couldn’t be more elated for this historic moment. Lastly, I have to give respect to my mom because I would not have accomplished much without her support and love.” – Ryan Arkie, Evaluation and Research assistant

“My mother is my inspiration because she has shown me the qualities of a true and honest Matriarch.  She is strong, resilient, and courageous in her own unique ways.  She is the one that keeps our family in cohesion even when challenges arise.  She has paved a positive path for all her children and grandchildren.” – Alva Gachupin, evaluation and research coordinator

“Lynn Trujillo is an inspiration to me. Seeing someone from my community rise to where she is, has helped me believe in myself. She is an example of how with the right amount of zeal, Indigenous women can do anything.” – Jennie Holmes, NB3FIT program coordinator

“Her wisdom is knowledge. Her love is comfort. Her cooking is happiness. Her education is motivating. Her commitment is fulfilling. Her presence is a blessing. She is our matriarch. My mother, my first best friend, my biggest supporter, she will always be my inspiration. “ – Jessica Tsosie, advancement assistant

“I draw inspiration from the scientist and author Robin Wall Kimmerer. Through her teaching and writing, the reciprocal relationship she has articulated between humanity, the land, and its plants and animals influences my daily actions and explorations.” – Jon Driskell, COO

“A woman who inspires me is a past NB3 Foundation staff member, Michelle Gutiérrez. She’s a hard working mother who is smart, fierce and kind all at the same time. She is a go-getter who always advocates for her community and the communities she serves. I aspire to be as selfless and genuine as she.” – Sacha Smith, communications specialist