This report, prepared by Emily A. Haozous, PhD, RN, FAAN Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation, provides the qualitative results of nine interviews, the NB3 Foundation’s Native Youth on the Move post report, and the final reflections document produced by New Mexico Health Equity Partnerships.

The interviews were between NB3 Foundation staff and partner organizations, and contained discussions regarding successes, achievements, lessons learned, and self-guided evaluation of each organization in their work related to the Native Youth on the Move initiative. This report provides a detailed description of the key themes that emerged from the qualitative data analysis of those data. The data from the eight partners organizations, NB3 Foundation staff, and the additional contextual data generated qualitative themes of: growth, COVID pandemic, relations, and keeping track, with further subthemes described in the full report. A separate theme of collective impact characterized the partner organization relationships as mutual, mixed mutual, hub or spoke organizations, or non-mutual. Each partner organization is also briefly described in the full result.

About the Native Youth on the Move initiative: 

In fall 2017, the NB3 Foundation began a new partnership with the Nike N7 Fund on a unique initiative – Native Youth on the Move – designed to increase the number of Native youth (ages 7-18) participating in play, physical activity and sports in the greater Albuquerque area. This place-based initiative is a first for the NB3 Foundation and the N7 Fund. With the three-year grant from the Nike N7 Fund, the NB3 Foundation served as the back-bone organization for this project, bringing together local Native and non-Native organizations, leaders and stakeholders to address barriers and lack of participation in sports and physical activity among Native youth.