Since July, NB3FIT has been hard at work learning, practicing and mastering the art of providing virtual youth programming. During the most recent eight-week session, NB3FIT worked to include more physical activity and healthy nutrition activities for the youth. 

 A step and water challenge were added to the curriculum, and as a collective (22 virtual programming youth; 5 coaches) walked/ran/danced/played a total of 6,309,573 steps – which figures out to about 2192.27 miles! To promote being active and to help with the calculation of steps, youth were given FitBit’s and challenged to complete a minimum of 5,000 steps a day.

 “It was a big success providing the youth the FitBit’s … we never thought we would get over 6 million steps,” Clint Begay, director of NB3FIT said. “It’s pretty amazing seeing what the youth accomplished, and even more amazing that they were motivated to complete the steps on their own time.”

 “It was really great to hear the youth talk about their walks and runs during our check-ins,” Autumn Quiver, NB3FIT program coordinator said. “You could tell the FitBit’s really motivated them to stay active throughout the day.”

 Along with getting in steps, youth participated in the NB3 Foundation’s Zero to 60 Challenge. They were gifted new water bottles and asked to track their water intake throughout the day. 

 “Staying hydrated is always something we want to promote with our youth,”  Quiver said. “Sometimes youth can view drinking water as ‘boring’, so we always try to be creative in the ways we motivate and encourage them to stay hydrated … gifting them new water bottles was one way we did that.”

 During check-ins NB3FIT coaches would ask about daily step and water goals and provide activities and ideas to help youth reach their goals. 

 “I think with virtual programming it’s good to know there are still ways to promote being active and healthy even if you aren’t physically present with the youth,” Begay said.  “We are still learning new things, but it is encouraging to see the accomplishments of the youth in this last session.”

 Moving into 2021, NB3 Foundation plans to continue virtual programming until it’s deemed safe to gather in groups. 


Total steps in 9 weeks (22 youth, 5 coaches)

6,309,573 steps = 2192.27 miles


Top 5 steppers!

5: Aubrey Quiver (6)- 187,393 steps

4: Illiana Morningdove (7) – 195,028 steps

3: Antone Quiver (11)- 219,895 steps

2: Elsie Chaves (9)- 279,808 steps

1: Quinton Begay(9)- 323,560 steps