Gratitude prevails. The generosity of nearly 400 individual donors, foundations, businesses and volunteers has resulted in $300,000 raised for the NB3 Foundation COVID-19 Response Fund. With these resources, we are committed to providing needed food, water and supplies directly to Native American communities impacted by COVID-19.  To date we have provided food, water and financial support to the following tribes and Native-led organizations:

  • Navajo Nation (Chinle, Az and surrounding communities)
  • Pueblos of San Felipe
  • Pueblo of ZIA
  • Pueblo of Santa Ana
  • Native American Community Academy
  • STAR School
  • Cheyenne River Youth Project
  • Thunder Valley CDC
  • Zuni Youth Enrichment Program, Zuni Pueblo
  • Mesa Elementary in Shiprock, N.M (25 laptops)

Meanwhile, we are continuing to identify and work with tribes, pueblos and Native-led organizations to help support youth, elders and families in need.

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Santa Ana Pueblo Governor Lawrence Montoya and Lt Governor Joey Sanchez receive $2,500 from NB3 Foundation to provide resources to their members amid COVID-19 stay-at-home orders.

Governor Fredrick Medina and Zia Pueblo council members receive $5,000 to help provide resources to their community.